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Jail for P.E.I. man who sent nude image of ex-girlfriend to her friend

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Shawn Paquet also sentenced for breaching no-contact order by sending her 134 messages in one day

A P.E.I. man who breached a no-contact order by sending his ex-girlfriend 134 messages in one day and sent a nude image of her to her friend was sentenced to jail on Thursday for the offences.

Shawn Gregory Paquet, 30, had pleaded guilty to breach of probation and sending the intimate image without consent on July 4 in P.E.I. provincial court in Charlottetown.

On Thursday, Judge John Douglas sentenced Paquet to five months in jail for sending the intimate image and 30 days concurrent for breach of probation.

Douglas also placed Paquet on 18 months of probation, which includes no contact with the woman unless approved by a probation officer. He was also ordered to pay a $200 victim surcharge for each offence.

Crown attorney Nathan Beck told the court that on June 26, Paquet sent 109 texts and 25 voice messages to his ex-girlfriend, who is also the mother of their six-week old child.

The tone of the messages ranged from anger and cursing to comments like “I love you” and then back again to anger and cursing. Paquet began sending the messages at 8:30 a.m.

In addition, Paquet sent an intimate, nude image of his ex-girlfriend via Facebook messenger to her friend, who happened to be sitting next to her at the time. Paquet threatened to send the image to the woman’s stepfather and stepbrother as well, said Beck.

The woman sent the image to Paquet about a year earlier while they were still in a relationship.

Also on June 26, Paquet drove by her residence repeatedly and honked and waved. He threatened to kill himself if she didn’t reply to his messages.

Beck said the woman replied to a couple of the messages to ask him to stop and not to encourage him to send more messages.

This is not the first time Paquet has been convicted for offences involving the woman.

On May 18, Paquet was sentenced to 60 days in jail for criminal harassment for repeatedly contacting her. Police warned him to stop, but he continued contacting her. He was also sentenced to 30 days in jail on that day for an assault on Dec. 2 for punching a man outside The Factory Cookhouse and Dancehall who was with his ex-girlfriend. Paquet was associated with the P.E.I. Hells Angels prospect club at the time.

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On Dec. 3, Paquet dropped off a bag of his ex-girlfriend’s personal items in her driveway. The items included bras and underwear that were defaced and marked with racist and insulting slurs. She went to the police the next day after he contacted her again.

Paquet has also been fined and sentenced to probation along with other Hells Angels members for their role in a lottery scheme.

Paquet’s lawyer Brendan Hubley told the court that his client is employed with Superior Sanitation and will continue to have a job there once he is released from jail. Hubley noted that the woman’s face couldn’t be seen in the image. He also noted that the woman was contacting Paquet during the no-contact order and that Paquet was able to attend the hospital for his child’s birth.

Hubley recommended a shorter sentence of 30 days in jail along with three years of probation that included counselling for mental health.

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