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Health P.E.I. invites Islanders to serve as patient and family advisors

. - Government of Prince Edward Island

Health P.E.I. is looking for Islanders with health-care experience (personal or a family member) within the past three to five years to serve as patient and family advisors and to help shape health-care delivery across the province.

There are currently 50 Islanders serving as patient and family advisors on a variety of planning teams, working groups and committees. They provide direct input into policies, programs and practices which affect patient care and health care services. Health P.E.I. wants at least a dozen more Islanders to serve as advisors. They apply online through Engage P.E.I.

Patient and family advisors provide their unique perspective on initiatives, programs and services in the health-care decision-making process at every stage from development through to evaluation. They also support quality improvement teams in their efforts to improve patient safety, access and patient experience.

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