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Government campaign teaches Islanders about cannabis use

Recreational cannabis will become legal across Canada on Oct. 17.

Islanders should know the facts and avoid the fiction when it comes to the federal government’s legalization of recreational cannabis.
The provincial government’s new public awareness campaign “Just the Facts” ( will bring Islanders information on the laws around cannabis, health risks, responsible use, how to talk to youth and dangers of driving impaired.

The campaign includes social media messages (using #justthefactspei), radio, newspaper, digital advertisements, posters, brochures, videos and more, that will work to direct the public back to the website.

Finance minister Heath MacDonald said the government wants to ensure that Islanders have the correct information they need to make fully informed choices once cannabis is legal.

“There is much false information out there concerning recreational cannabis; ‘Just the Facts’ ensures that all Islanders, especially our youth, get the most concise, accurate information from credible sources.”

The campaign was created in collaboration with health specialists, justice partners, educators and others. Federal resources, such as the Cannabis Talk Kit, will be distributed throughout the province, and information sessions are being planned for later this fall.

These efforts aim to equip parents and teachers with tools to have meaningful discussions with young Islanders about the risks of cannabis use.

Targeted campaign messages will also be created for high-risk groups and those who should avoid cannabis use all together – such as pregnant women and people who suffer from addiction.

Fast facts

- The safest way to reduce your health risks is to not use cannabis.

- Cannabis use has short-and long-term health and social risks.

- Individuals must be 19 years old to buy, possess or grow cannabis on P.E.I.

- Adults 19+ can carry up to 30 grams of dried cannabis.

- Adults 19+ can use cannabis in a private home or yard with the owner’s permission.

- It is illegal to drive while impaired by cannabis.

- A household may grow up to four cannabis plants at one time.

- It is illegal to share cannabis with minors.

- Cannabis must be stored safely away from children.

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