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Former Summerside deputy police chief running for council

['David Griffin has resigned from his volunteer position as president of the MADD East Prince County chapter after being charged with alcohol-related driving charges.']
David Griffin

SUMMERSIDE - A former Summerside deputy police chief has entered the race for this fall’s municipal election.

David Griffin announced recently his intent to run for the Ward 4: Clifton – Market seat.

Griffin worked for the Summerside Police Service from 1972 until his retirement in 2011.

“I have always had a keen interest in federal, provincial and municipal politics. My experience as a police officer will be an asset in my duties as councillor,” he said.

“I believe the residents of Summerside want and deserve a council that works for the residents, meaning the mayor and councillors must listen to the people who elect them. We have a great city here, which requires fiscal restraint, debt reduction, living within our means and open communications with residents.

Griffin would like to see various rates, including taxes, electrical, water and sewer and honorariums for councillors, frozen.

“Other issues that need ongoing and immediate attention, are seniors’ issues and youth programs. The youth of today are our future. The majority of seniors are really finding it hard to make ends meet… I am very passionate about this city and more so, for the residents.

Griffin would also like to see action taken on the drug situation in the city.

“Education for parents and students is paramount in describing just what types of drugs are in Summerside.”

Ward 4 is currently represented by Coun. Brent Gallant, who announced earlier this year his bid for mayor.

Also running in Ward 4 are Cory Snow, who announced on July 3, and Murray Morison who announced on July 9. Peter Holman announced he was also in the race on Sept. 10.

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