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Federal agency looking into Kensington Co-Op Feed Mill accident

A man was injured in a workplace incident in Kensington Friday.
A man was injured in a workplace incident in Kensington on Friday, Aug. 23, 2019. - 123RF Stock Photo

The federal body responsible for regulating feed mills is investigating an August accident in Kensington that saw a person get his leg caught in a piece of machinery.

"The Labour Program is investigating this incident as the employer falls under federal jurisdiction. When the Labour Program is conducting an investigation, we cannot comment on any specific findings, nor can we publicly share any documents or information," said a spokesperson for Employment and Social Development Canada in an emailed statement to the Journal Pioneer. 

Emergency crews, including the Kensington Fire Department, responded to the incident at Kensington Co-Op Feed Mill around 9:50 a.m. on Friday, Aug. 23, where they found the individual lying on the floor with an injured leg, deputy fire Chief Alan MacLeod reported after the incident. 

Through the federal investigation, health and safety officers will gather information relating to the incident, including photographs, witness statements, documents and other physical evidence. 

Attention will also be paid to the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved. 

The spokesperson said the investigation may involve various elements such as mechanic, chemical, vehicle, heavy machinery and equipment, specialized tools, etc., and an officer will analyze the information to determine the cause of the incident and contraventions to the Canada Labour Code.

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