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Electricity restored to all of P.E.I. after Dorian

Maritime Electric asks the public to report downed power lines, trees or tree branches via 1-800-670-1012.
Maritime Electric restored the last customer Sept. 16 at 3 a.m. - Daniel Brown photo.

Maritime Electric says all of its customers are back online after post-tropical storm Dorian’s wallop left 65,000 without power.

Spokesperson Kim Griffin said the last outage was fixed at 3 a.m. Monday on the eastern end of the Island.

“We’re happy to say goodbye to Dorian, I can tell you that,” said Griffin.

“The big problem for us were the hundreds and hundreds of trees down on the lines.”

Around 100 poles were broken or damaged, of the company’s 130,000. The initial assessments took a day and a half and used three helicopter flights.

“It was the largest we’ve seen for trees down and property damage.”

The final push to restore power on Sunday included 80 power crews from Maritime Electric, Newfoundland Power and Fortis in Ontario working side-by-side with P.E.I. forestry crews. It was the largest restoration effort the company has ever handled.

Despite many offers of help, Griffin said she was “very nervous” to have anyone other than electric utility crews jump in to clear worksites.  

“We’re so happy no one was hurt.”

Griffin said there is still much work to be done. Crews plan to return to many locations to finish clean-up now that the initial “poles in the ground” work is complete. Crews will also be able to return to the day-to-day work that has been on hold for over a week.



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