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Counselling now available for P.E.I. fishers and their families

Depth of field is defined as the distance between the nearest and the furthest objects that are in acceptably sharp focus in an image. 
The two main factors that play a role in your depth of field are your focal length and your aperture (the amount of light you let your camera take in). 
The larger your aperture the less depth of field you will have, so for example if you’re photographing your child or pet and used a large aperture of 2.8 (remember the smaller your f number, the larger your aperture) you may only have the eyes of your subject in focus and the rest of the frame is blurry, but once you decrease your aperture (f8 to f22) more of the scene will be in crisp focus. 
Longer lenses also have this effect as the scene by making the depth of field shallow. In this photo of a sunset in Dingwall, by using a large aperture combined with a long lens, only one of the fishing boats is in clear focus, the sun appears larger than the naked eye would see because the focal length is over 50mm. f2.8 ISO 100 @300mm.
Fishers and their families on P.E.I. can now access counselling. - Kris Tynski/ file photo

A new free counselling service is now available for fishers and their families facing difficult life circumstances. 

The Fisher Assistance program is available to members of the P.E.I. Fishermen’s Association and the P.E.I. Aquaculture Alliance. 

Those seeking assistance can contact the Fishermen’s Association or the Aquaculture Alliance.

Financial support for the service is provided by the department of fisheries and communities.

Services are offered for issues including stress and anxiety, alcohol and drug issues, bereavement, depression, marital and family conflicts and financial difficulties. Trained professional counselors can provide individual and family assessment and can make referrals if necessary. The service is confidential.

“We are pleased to support this invaluable service to help individuals and families facing difficult times,” said Jamie Fox, minister of fisheries and communities. “The health and well-being of those who work in the fishing and aquaculture industries is of prime importance to us.”

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