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Council considering de-sludging O'Leary lagoon

O’Leary Mayor Eric Gavin views the town’s wastewater treatment lagoon from outside the facility’s fence. The town is open to recommendations on how to fix corrosion problems believed to have been caused by a toxic algae bloom.
O’Leary Mayor Eric Gavin during a tour of the town's lagoon earlier this year. - Eric McCarthy

Town officials here will be meeting with their engineer to discuss next steps in resolving issues with O’Leary’s municipal sewage lagoon.

Mayor Eric Gavin told counsellors that de-sludging options will be discussed during the meeting.

He said the engineer has already given the town an estimate on what the work is likely to cost but it still hasn’t been put out to tender.

Asked whether the desludging will likely be carried out this year, Gavin said, “if they can do it and we can afford it and the bank will give us the money: Yeah, probably.”

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