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Cornwall council looking into more transit bus runs

T3 Transit.
T3 Transit. - file photo

CORNWALL, P.E.I. - The Town of Cornwall has approached the T3 Transit service’s operator about the possibility of adding bus runs to help improve service.

Coun. Peter Meggs told council during Wednesday, Oct. 17's monthly meeting that the town has talked to Trius Transit president Mike Cassidy about the cost of extra morning, evening and Saturday runs.

“Of course, the possibilities require more funding,” Meggs said.

Coun. Jill MacIsaac raised the issue during Wednesday’s monthly council meeting where she said a resident approached her about the difficulties UPEI students who live in Cornwall have using the existing runs.

Meggs said it seems Trius is aware Cornwall would be very happy having more bus runs.

“Whether that’s off in the distant future or the near future, I’m not sure,” he said.

Other councillors seemed to agree with looking into the possibilities for further runs.

Mayor Minerva McCourt said when the town is looking to increase ridership she questions why something couldn't be worked out because she keeps hearing people want more runs.

“I would think as a partner there should be some way it could be worked out that it wouldn’t be so costly, just to at least take a look at and try and see,” she said.

Cornwall CAO Kevin Coady told council he expects Cassidy will provide pricing for further runs soon.

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