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Community-building project for LGBTQ2S+ people in P.E.I. coming in November

Board chair Nola Etkin, left, and executive director Cybelle Rieber stand next to the new logo for PEERS Alliance, which is the newly re-branded name for AIDS P.E.I., during an unveiling ceremony held at The Guild on Tuesday. (MITCH MACDONALD/THE GUARDIAN)
Board chair Nola Etkin, left, and executive director Cybelle Rieber stand next to the logo for PEERS Alliance.

PEERS Alliance is looking to build community among LGBTQ2S+ people in P.E.I. by launching a new project this fall called Linking Together.

“So much has changed over the years for LGBTQ2S+ people,’’ said project co-ordinator Hannah Gehrels. “But there is still so much isolation and discrimination and we’re hoping that this project will help to build richer community and deeper connections in our LGBTQ2S+ community here on P.E.I.’’

The Linking Together project is a community-building project for up to 10 LGBTQ2S+ people from a wide range of ages, perspectives and life experiences. It will consist of six facilitated discussion-based sessions that will culminate with the planning of a larger community-building action.

The sessions will take place once a week on Thursday evenings, beginning Nov. 1. Each session will have snacks, engaging activities and facilitated discussion.

The identity of the participants and what they choose to share in the group sessions will remain confidential. There are some limited funds to help reimburse the costs of travelling from outside of Charlottetown.

“It is a great opportunity to talk about your own experiences and learn from others,’’ said Gehrels. “It’s going to be a space for sharing our personal and collective histories as LGBTQ2S+ people, building new relationships with each other and helping to share what community-building could look like in our community.’’

Those interested in participating in the project can fill out a short form at The deadline to apply is Oct. 18.

For more information, or to apply over the phone, contact PEERS Alliance at 902-566-2437 or email

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