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Chinese food restaurant plans to re-open in Charlottetown

Unique Wok
Unique Wok - Ryan Ross

The owner of a Chinese food restaurant in Charlottetown does plan on re-opening, according to the chief public health office.

Provincial health inspectors shut down Unique Wok on Jan. 21 when they flagged the food premises for 30 separate health violations, including the presence of insects and rodents.

Some of the violations were considered serious that, if left unchecked or if things were allowed to slide further, there would have been the potential to impact the public or cause a food borne illness.

Ryan Neale, manager of environmental health for the chief public health office, said Wednesday the owner has informed health inspectors his plan is to re-open the restaurant.

“He is currently working to meet the requirements of the regulations,’’ Neale said in an email to The Guardian.

Neale said inspectors will visit the restaurant next week, but it will be for consultation purposes only and will not be considered a follow-up inspection for the purposes of re-opening.

Health inspectors have done a walk-through with the owner and have pointed out and discussed specifically what the concerns are and further explain the violations to him.

Kitchen staff would all be required to undergo food safety training moving forward. As for the presence of insects and rodents, arrangements were recently made with a pest control company to take care of the problem.

Kelly Hughes, senior environmental health officer, said the owner has been fully co-operative and wants to improve on things.

There is still no word on when the restaurant may re-open.

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