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Chinese food restaurant in Charlottetown remains closed

Unique Wok
Unique Wok - Ryan Ross

Health officials waiting for a request to go back into Unique Wok for another inspection


There’s still no word on when the Unique Wok restaurant might re-open in Charlottetown.

Ryan Neale, manager of environmental health for the Chief Public Health Office, said March 13 the operator has not requested a re-inspection yet.

“We are just waiting for the operator to meet the conditions of the health order and satisfy the conditions of the health order and then we would be ready to go back and do an inspection,’’ Neale said.

The operator indicated to Neale last month that his intent is to re-open the business.

Provincial health inspectors shut the restaurant down on Jan. 21 when they flagged the food premises for 30 separate health violations, including the presence of insects and rodents, although a pest control company was called in to handle that issue.

Some of the other violations were considered so serious that, if left unchecked of if things were allowed to slide further, there would have been the potential to impact the public or cause a food-borne illness.

Health inspectors have done a walk-through with the owner and have pointed out and discussed specifically what the concerns are and further explain the violations.

Kitchen staff will all be required to undergo food safety training moving forward.

Senior environmental health officials say the owner has been fully co-operative through the process.

“We’re just waiting to hear word from them.’’

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