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Charlottetown's ditch infilling program may be coming to an end

['Work is underway along Pope Road in Summerside to close open ditches and install storm water sewers. The work will also open up much needed parking along the busy street. The project is part of a$1.6 million allocation to deal with open ditches throughout the city. ']
Ditch infilling is shown in this Saltwire Network file photo.

Charlottetown’s ditch-infilling program may be coming to an end.

In May, the public works committee recommended the program be discontinued and, since then, the environment and sustainability department, has completed its own review and came to the same conclusion.

The manager of public works says, going forward, the city should only infill ditches for safety or operational needs. Residents will still have the option to infill their lot frontage at their own expense with the approval of the public works manager.

Right now, the city is waiting for a recommendation from the environmental and sustainability committee. The issue will then be forwarded to a special meeting of council for review.

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