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Charlottetown police nab 11 speeders on University Avenue in January

Speed radar
Speed radar - SaltWire Network

University Avenue was a popular place for Charlottetown police to pull over speeders in January.

Police wrote a total of 11 speeding tickets along the avenue for the month, with six of those tickets written where the street intersects MacKinnon Road, near the entrance to UPEI.

North River Road was another hot spot when it comes to nabbing those with a heavy foot. Ten speeding tickets were issued, with eight of those tickets in the Queen Charlotte Intermediate School speed zone.

Police also issued four speeding tickets on the arterial highway between Brackley Point Road and St. Peters Road and another four tickets on Brackley Point Road by MacAleer Drive.

Three tickets were issued on the Winsloe Road, close to where the Lions Club is located.

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