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Charlottetown police hand out speeding tickets

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University Avenue proved to be trouble for speeders in Charlottetown in the month of August.

Charlottetown Police Services released its speed monitoring statistics, and the top speed trap for the month was University Avenue at McKinnon Road where 24 tickets in total were issued last month.

Coming in second on the list should come as no surprise, the arterial highway between Brackley Point Road and St. Peters Road. Police issued 16 speeding tickets along that stretch.

In third place was University Avenue by Enman Crescent where 12 tickets were issued. That’s one of two entrances toward Charlottetown Rural High School.

In fourth place was Brighton Road by the Brighton Compound where eight tickets were issued.

Rounding out the top five was Fourth Street, which connects the West Royalty Industrial Park to the arterial highway. Police issued six tickets there.

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