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Charlottetown police crack down on speeders in May

Speed radar
Speed radar - SaltWire Network

Charlottetown police were kept rather busy by speeders on a section of University Avenue in May.

Police issued a total of 19 speeding tickets on the avenue, between Enman Crescent and Browns Court. Twelve of those tickets were handed out where McKinnon Road and University Avenue intersect, close to the entrance to UPEI.

Fourth Street was another busy spot in May. Police issued 11 speeding tickets along that road which connects the West Royalty Industrial Park with the bypass highway.

Speaking of the bypass highway, 10 speeding tickets were issued along the stretch of highway between Brackley Point Road and St. Peters Road.

Lower Malpeque Road was also a problem spot for speeders. Police issued 10 tickets along that stretch in May.

Traffic was also travelling fast on Upton Road in May where police nabbed seven motorists with tickets.

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