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Charlottetown firefighters respond to calls

Charlottetown Fire Hall. - Google image
Charlottetown Fire Hall. - Google image - Google

CHARLOTTETOWN, P.E.I. - The Charlottetown Fire Department responded to 87 calls in November, the vast majority of them false alarms.

Station 1 on Kent Street was called out 53 times with 15 of those calls being for an alarm ringing with no fire and another eight calls because of an equipment malfunction.

Station 2 in Sherwood was called out 34 times with 11 of those calls being for an equipment malfunction.

As for calls where there was actual activity, Station 1 responded to six calls related to cooking, four elevator rescues, two tree fires, two poles on fire, one power line sparking, one motor vehicle accident and one over fire.

Station 2 handled two cooking incidents, one tree fire, two vehicle fires, one kitchen fire, two grease fires and one oil leak.

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