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Charlottetown firefighters respond to 43 calls in June

Charlottetown Fire Department (City of Charlottetown photo).
Charlottetown Fire Department (City of Charlottetown photo). - -File photo

The Charlottetown Fire Department responded to 43 emergency calls in of June, according to statistics released at the most recent protective and emergency services meeting.

District 1 on Kent Street had 14 emergency responses while Engine 1 also handled three responses between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. and two responses between noon and 8 a.m.

District 2 in Sherwood had 24 emergency responses.

Charlottetown firefighters spent a total of 27 hours and two minutes on scene in June.

Firefighters also continue to spread the word on the importance of smoke alarms. They visited 613 residences in June. Of those visits, 226 homes involved firefighters either entering the residence or speaking with someone while 387 door tags were left.

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