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Charlottetown fire department responds to 78 calls in August

Charlottetown Fire Department (City of Charlottetown photo).
Charlottetown Fire Department (City of Charlottetown photo). - -File photo

The Charlottetown Fire Department had 105 emergency calls in August between the two stations, down from 105 the month before.

Station 1 on Kent Street had 53 of those calls while Station 2 in Sherwood responded to 25 calls.

The majority of the calls for Station 1 were for trees on power lines (nine) while the station also responded to eight calls for medical assistance from EMS, eight motor vehicle accidents/fires, three mulch/garbage fires, two for a tree on fire, two for smoke in a building and one boat rescue.

Station 2 responded to eight alarm equipment malfunctions, two cooking alarms, two calls for a tree on power lines, one structure fire, one dumpster fire and one fire at the back of a building.

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