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Charlottetown expands annexation plan for Marshfield

Charlottetown City Hall
Charlottetown City Hall - FILE

CHARLOTTETOWN, P.E.I. - The City of Charlottetown is proposing to annex more land in Marshfield than originally planned.

An information meeting that attracted about 65 people was held Tuesday night at the York Community Centre.

This all started when the city was approached by two large property owners in Marshfield, outside of the city’s jurisdiction, who were looking to be annexed into the city.

The two properties in question are located very close to the city’s boundary in the East Royalty neighbourhood, on the backside of the Charlottetown Airport property.

“It was a quick overview as to a boundary for discussion,’’ said Peter Kelly, the city’s chief administrative officer. “In order for us to have a discussion we did provide a boundary and we had a couple of spots where people were able to see what was being possibly proposed.’’

The city is proposing to annex 800 metres beyond its current boundary into Marshfield, but Tuesday night’s map included more than just the two large properties that originally asked for annexation.

“We proposed a whole swath of properties beyond those two properties,’’ Kelly said. “If there was a degree of support and we were going to bring water and sewer out, you would want to take both sides of (St. Peters) Road, not just one into consideration.’’

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Kelly said some land owners weren’t happy with the expanded annexation proposal.

“We heard from the landowners on the right-hand side (of St. Peters Road) going out (of Charlottetown) who were definitely opposed to the annexation. (They) were overwhelmingly opposed to them being brought into the city.’’

One of the landowners opposed posted on Facebook that “to say that we vehemently oppose the suggestion, as it is currently drawn, would be an understatement.

It would split our farm in half, which seems pretty ridiculous’’.

Kelly said the landowners who asked for annexation plan to put in a commercial development if they’re able.

Kelly said based on the feedback at the meeting the city will “adjust the boundary’’ and see what it might look like.

He also stressed that things are still in the preliminary stages.

“There is nothing concrete (decided) in any direction,’’ Kelly said. “We’re still fact finding. We’re still dealing with the community and getting their feedback. We’ll come back with a refined possible approach for discussion.’’

Kelly estimates it will cost the city $1 million to extend water and sewer 800 metres beyond the city’s current boundary.

There would be other costs, such as police and fire protection, but Kelly said he couldn’t attach a figure to those yet.

He suggested the community hold its own meeting and decide how it wants to proceed.

The city will hold another meeting on the issue sometime in December.

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