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Charge stayed against man arrested in Creep Catcher case

Image from the Facebook page of the Cape Breton Creep Cathers.
Image from the Facebook page of the Cape Breton Creep Cathers.

A 31-year-old man who was arrested after a sting involving the Creep Catchers vigilante group had a luring charge against him stayed this week.

That stay came after Dilipkumar Ramjibhai Chauda agreed to enter into a recognizance with conditions that will limit his ability to be around children.

Chauda appeared before Chief Judge Nancy Orr in provincial court in Charlottetown on Monday where the Crown stayed the charge.

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In August, Charlottetown police arrested a 31-year-old man who had allegedly travelled from Charlottetown to Sydney, N.S., to meet a girl who turned out to be a member of the Cape Breton Creep Catchers group.

By signing the recognizance, Chauda agreed to several conditions, including that he not attend parks, swimming areas, school grounds or playgrounds where children younger than 16 are expected to be present.

The recognizance will be in effect for one year, during which time Chauda must also notify police of all email addresses he uses.

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