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'Accidental and electrical' fire destroyed trucks July 26 at Superior Sanitation in Charlottetown


The cause of a fire Friday that destroyed five Superior Sanitation trucks in Charlottetown was “accidental and electrical,’’ says a city fire inspector.

Kent Mitchell says the fire started in the engine compartment of one truck before spreading to four others.

A person with Superior Sanitation would only say that all five trucks are a write-off but declined to comment further.

Mitchell says firefighters were called to 7 Superior Cres. at 5:36 p.m. and were on the scene for roughly two and a half hours.

He says the fire was “fairly isolated’’ in a parking lot with no nearby buildings. Some trucks, however, were moved out of the way.

Firefighters were also able to deal safely with two ruptured fuel tanks.

“Nothing got out of control,’’ says Mitchell.

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