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3 Points Aviation moves repair and overhaul operations to Calgary, employees have found other jobs

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An aerospace company with operations in Charlottetown has laid off 21 people, effective Nov. 30.

A spokesman for the Economic Development Department confirmed the government was in contact with 3 Points Aviation in the fall about the layoffs, including through Skills P.E.I.

The date of completion for all work before the layoffs was Nov. 30, and all of the affected employees have since found other work, the spokesman said.

3 Points Aviation announced in 2011 it was setting up shop in P.E.I. with a corporate management office along with an aerospace manufacturing and repair facility.

The company is a distributor and supplier of regional aircraft parts such as landing gear, propellers and engines for several airplane models.

Earlier this year, 3 Points Aviation announced it was working with Bombardier to supply parts for Q series planes.

Attempts to contact 3 Points Aviation for comment about the layoffs were unsuccessful.

In an interview with The Guardian earlier this month, 3 Points Aviation’s human resource manager Dianne Griffin said the company moved its repair and overhaul operations to Calgary but plans to continue other operations in Charlottetown.

At the time, Griffin said the move created the need for computer numerical control (CNC) machinists, and the company was hiring eight to 12 people with plans to hire more in the future.

When the company moved to P.E.I., the province provided a $1.9 million secured loan.

The Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency also provided 3 Points Aviation with a $500,000 interest-free loan.

Earlier this week, the provincial government issued a statement confirming Diversified Metal Engineering (DME) has entered receivership.

That move will impact 140 workers in P.E.I.

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