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Improvements needed on University Avenue

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Charlottetown Police Services has asked the city’s public works department to improve directional signage on University Avenue.
It would apply to traffic approaching the intersection heading south on the avenue coming to Allen Street.
Police have noted a number of near misses at the intersection due to vehicles travelling in the middle lane, not realizing they must turn left. Instead, drivers are continuing straight, cutting off other vehicles. Pavement markings work but, during the winter and spring months, have worn off.
It’s being suggested the city explore overhead directional signage. The arm of the pole would hang over both southbound lanes. A directional sign (black background, white arrows) would hang centred over each lane, showing drivers the proper traffic movements for that lane.
The public works manager was also asked to do the same at the intersection of Malpeque Road and Saint Dunstan’s Street (Sobey’s).

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