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Health P.E.I. seeks publication ban in court case involving Dr. Ian Reid

Supreme Court of Prince Edward Island
Supreme Court of Prince Edward Island ©THE GUARDIAN

A fight over a doctor’s hospital privileges was before a P.E.I. Court of Appeal judge Wednesday as Health P.E.I. sought a publication ban on witness names.

In May, Dr. Ian Reid filed a judicial review of a Health P.E.I. board of directors’ decision that dealt with his privileges at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Reid’s application for a judicial review said Health P.E.I. exceeded its jurisdiction by making findings including that he didn’t have the ability to provide patient care at an appropriate level of quality and efficiency.

They also found Reid didn’t have the ability to work, co-operate and relate to others in a collegial and professional manner.

Geoff Gibson, representing Health P.E.I., appeared before Justice John Mitchell Wednesday asking to have the record filed in the matter sealed.

Instead, a redacted record would be filed with patient and witness information removed or disguised to hide their identity.

Health P.E.I. also sought a publication ban on any information that could identify patients or witnesses. 

With regard to the witnesses, Gibson argued it was in the public interest to ensure the integrity of the Health P.E.I. process and that witnesses feel they are free to come forward.

The court heard Health P.E.I. didn’t have the ability to compel people to testify in its proceedings and all of the witnesses did so voluntarily.

Gibson said there was no real benefit or loss to using redacted names and the evidence would still be there.

Reid’s lawyer, Thomas Laughlin, agreed with the redaction of names.

Mitchell granted the order in relation to patients, but he said he would take the matter involving witnesses under consideration with a decision at a later date.

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