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Charlottetown council hears of complaints against Charlottetown T3 Transit

T3 Transit bus.

When it comes to the transit system that serves the greater Charlottetown area, complaints can be as varied as the people riding the buses.

City council, at its monthly meeting, received a compilation of transit complaints so far this year.

On Feb. 18, one person was upset that her cat in a cage was not permitted on the bus. According to the transit service, the policy allows only service animals on the buses.

Other complaints from that same day included one person who said the bus did not wait for him, even though he was only a few metres away from the stop.

Yet another complaint from Feb. 18 was from someone who said one of the buses ran a yellow light on Kensington Road.

On March 18, complaints ranged from someone saying it was difficult to get through to a real person on the phone to help them, plus a person who said they were splashed by a bus on University Avenue.

Meanwhile, the bus service continued to move forward with initiatives in March. An official with the service spoke to a class of newcomers, and work continued on ReadyPass hardware and Google Transit. Stickers were also placed in all buses regarding WiFi, and staff was preparing instructional videos for ReadyPass to be launched in April.

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