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Grateful skunk declines to spray police after rescue

<p>Skunks disappeared from most of Nova Scotia during the 1920s and 1930s, likely because of a distemper epidemic. Since then, striped skunks have repopulated much of mainland Nova Scotia.</p>
Two Quebec police officers lucked out after helping an unlucky skunk this week. - Wikimedia Photo
OTTAWA, Ont. —

Despite its reputation, it would seem the maligned skunk has a sense of fair play.

Which was a good thing for a pair of MRC des Collines de l’Outaoauis officers — identified only as “Patrick” and “Nadia” — on patrol on  Scott Road  in Chelsea, Que. early Wednesday, Sept. 11. 

The officers came across a complaining and distressed skunk careening around with its head stuck in a cardboard milk box.

Ready to serve and protect, one of the officers cautiously approached the animal and, in a lightning move, snatched the milk carton free.

The officer dashed to safety while the disoriented skunk, after a quick look around, took off towards Gatineau Park, without releasing its odorous payload.

A police cam video of the rescue on the MRC des Collines’ Facebook page is spreading fast.

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