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Biggar doesn’t budge on P.E.I. bridges

['Transportation Minister Paula Biggar checks some papers during a recent session of the legislature. She has announced that drivers who are repeatedly caught driving drunk or on drugs will soon face some tougher penalties.']
FILE PHOTO: Transportation Minister Paula Biggar. ©THE GUARDIAN

There are no plans to re-open the bridge on the Settlement Road in Lyndale, or any of the other nine bridges closed since 2015 for that matter, says P.E.I.’s minister of transportation. Transportation Minister Paula Biggar was responding to a question from Vernon River-Stratford MLA Alan McIsaac, who asked if the minister could have a change of heart.

McIsaac noted the province has seen three successive balanced budgets.

“A lot of that (is) due to the agriculture community in this province,” said McIsaac. “This Settlement Road, the bridge that attaches it through to the district of Lyndale, has a lot of farmers on that road.” McIsaac requested Biggar look at getting the bridge repaired to the point of where cars and trucks could travel on it while heavy equipment could be restricted.

Biggar wouldn’t budge. She said the department has invested $120 million into capital road and bridge projects since 2015 and that the department has to look at the priority of where the largest traffic flows are.

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