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24 Islanders to receive Senate Canada 150 medals in Charlottetown on Friday

A screenshot of a Royal Canadian Mint video showing the Senate Canada 150 medal.
A screenshot of a Royal Canadian Mint video showing the Senate Canada 150 medal.

CHARLOTTETOWN, P.E.I. – Twenty-four Islanders who have community contributions will receive Senate Canada 150 medals on Friday.

The medals will be presented by Lt.-Gov. Antoinette Perry and P.E.I. senators Diane Griffin and Mike Duffy during a 2 p.m. ceremony at Government House in Charlottetown.

“These 24 Islanders highly demonstrated the pillars of criteria for these medals - generosity, dedication, volunteerism and hard work to make their communities a better place to live,” said Duffy. “We looked forward to honouring P.E.I.’s unsung heroes.”

Griffin said she spent several days working on her final list of 12 nominees to receive the medal.

“There are so many Islanders who do wonderful work in their communities and who make our province a great place in which to live,” she said.

The Senate 150 medals are antiqued bronze table medals, depicting the Senate badge on one side and the Senate chamber on the other. They were manufactured by the Royal Canadian Mint in Ottawa.

The medal was designed by Lt. Col. Carl Gauthier, director of honours and recognition at the Department of National Defence.

See below for a video of the medals being minted.

List of P.E.I. medal recipients, in alphabetical order:

  • Jeanette Arsenault, Summerside
  • Patricia Bennett and Aubrey Bell, Kensington
  • Bill Bishop, Charlottetown
  • Mary Boyd, Blooming Point
  • Rosemary Curley, Stratford
  • Fred Cheverie, St. Catherine’s
  • Regis and Joan Duffy, Charlottetown
  • Michael Farmer, Stratford
  • Chief Brian Francis, Rocky Point
  • Catherine Hennessey, Charlottetown
  • David Hooley, Charlottetown
  • Sharon Labchuk, Millvale
  • Wes and Connie MacAleer, Charlottetown
  • Fred MacDonald, Kingston
  • Maitland and Anne MacIsaac, Charlottetown
  • Daniel MacKinnon, Brooklyn
  • James MacNutt, Charlottetown
  • Daniel McAskill, Donagh
  • Ray Murphy, Stratford
  • Sharon Riley, Union Road
  • Chris Robinson and Stephanie Scharf, Cavendish
  • Gary Schneider, Stratford
  • Col. James and Capt. Karen Spears, Stratford
  • Pieter and Daria Valkenburg, Albany


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