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Executives drawn to Lakeside Lodge for privacy, inspiration

White Point Beach Resort’s Lakeside Lodge in high demand for executive meetings and retreats.
White Point Beach Resort’s Lakeside Lodge in high demand for executive meetings and retreats. - Contributed

Welcome to White Point’s secluded destination for corporate retreats

Most Atlantic Canadians know all about White Point Beach Resort’s famous main lodge, but not many know about a private wooded space tucked in by the lake.

Its secrecy is actually what keeps White Point’s Lakeside Lodge in high demand for executive meetings and retreats. Many corporate groups book in 3-4 times a year just for the peaceful, private surroundings.

“We never disclose who’s here, some companies even will fly their team in to be near the ocean while away from prying eyes,” says Anne Stevens, White Point’s Director of Sales. “They love having their own private meeting space by the ocean, without any distractions.”

Sandy McKenna of Pink Larkin has organized more than a dozen team retreats at White Point, since it isn’t far from their Halifax office. Since the law firm pays for employees to bring their families along, being able to hold the work-related activities in their own private space is extremely helpful.

“We’re able to take over Lakeside Lodge for an entire weekend and close ourselves off to have privacy for our meetings, but then return to our families in the cottages when the work is finished,” says McKenna. “Everyone likes the opportunity to have that really focused attention you just don’t get normally.”

White Point actually started staying open year-round 30 years ago because the business community had embraced it as an ideal meeting destination. Executives from around the world travel to White Point to meet in front of the roaring beachstone fireplaces during the day and sit around the bonfire together under the stars each evening.

“The bonfire is the original social network,” says Stevens, adding it’s an agenda item they insist upon. “People naturally put away their phones, it puts them in a more relaxed state, and it changes how they speak to and interact with each other.”

Lakeside Lodge is tucked away from White Point’s main lodge. While cottages and vacation homes are nearby, it’s  nestled within a cozy cluster of three bright, airy guest room buildings off by themselves —  with lakeside adirondack chairs and comfy seating around a big bonfire pit. The spaces can be configured for meetings, dinners and parties just as easily for a yoga class or Dark Sky experience. Guests can relax by the lake during breaks, hit the trails for a quick hike or take a stroll along beach.

“It’s a beautiful spot right on the ocean, so you get that feeling of being ‘away,’” says McKenna. “It’s easier to get people to disconnect and turn off their devices to focus on something when they’re not just in a standard boardroom in downtown Halifax.”

Lakeside Lodge is ideal for hosting groups of 20-40 employees for a couple of nights year-round. As an event organizer, McKenna enjoys that White Point provides a package deal that includes meetings, accommodations and meals.

“You get so much more than you would at a venue where everything is à la carte,” says McKenna. “You have a package that provides you with a framework, and it makes it a lot easier to plan and budget when you know what your costs are going to be.”

Katherine Bailey, manager of admin operations with Baker Tilly Nova Scotia, says her team always enjoys coming to Lakeside Lodge because it’s “intimate and cozy” with all of the amenities they need at their fingertips.

“It allows each person to have their privacy at the end of the day, but provides a warm and inviting area for evening socials to happen,” says Bailey. “Having a fireplace to sit around in the evening, and the ocean behind you, creates the perfect background for the end of the day.”

“Companies are looking for experiences, not just somewhere to meet and sleep,” adds Stevens. “They want spaces that will inspire them and reignite their imaginations so their team comes away feeling rewarded and recharged.”

Often clients turn to White Point wanting to incorporate a unique experience for their team. Stevens says they have many options, including lobster-fishing, golf tournaments and exhilarating polar dips in the chilly Atlantic ocean. They’ve even tasked teams with building their own boat and paddling it across the pool in a race!

“We try to tempt them to experience something that brings them out of their comfort zone, because that’s where the magic happens, bonds are strengthened and memories are made.”

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