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TV memories on live stage when ‘Raised on Television 2’ comes to The Guild for three nights this month


It’s happening all over again.

Rod Weatherbie and Grace Kimpinski are bringing television to life at The Guild with its new production of “Raised on Television”, which runs for three nights this month.

“Raised on Television 2” has a batch of new directors, including Carly Martin, Marla Haines, Natalia Goodwin, Adam Gauthier, Richard Haines and Sam MacDonald, along with returning director, Mariève MacGregor, who are bringing all-new skits to the exploration of television on stage.

Co-produced by Kimpinski and Weatherbie, “RoTV2” is a multimedia theatrical event that explores how television, and the way people view/consume it, has changed and how television has changed people. RoTV2 will once again reveal the medium of television and everything it represents: the good, the bad, the tawdry, the commercial, the uplifting. The format is the same: television scenes being performed live on the stage, combined with theme songs and retro commercial breaks, but almost everything has changed from last year’s show so to keep it fresh and entertaining for the audience.

“After the positive feedback on the first production we knew we would have to do another,” Weatherbie said. “We have a great mix of experienced and new directors this year, and they are bringing some great TV to life.”

 The directors were given two rules: they must use actual dialogue from a TV show, and their scene can be no longer than 10 minutes. How they have decided to work with those rules is up to their own interpretation - which is where the fun in this project really happens.

When asked why he wanted to participate in “Raised on TV2”, Haines had this to say:

“Doing a lot of theatre is great. Tacos are also great. I eat a lot of tacos, in fact, I look start to look forward to Taco Wednesdays on Thursday. But as much as I love tacos, I know I can't just have beef tacos every Wednesday—so sometimes I get chicken or even steak. As with all experiences, variety is key. ‘Raised on Television’ represents that sort of variety; an opportunity to do theatre (which I love) and to do it in a different way. My scene in ‘RoTV2’ is something I chose out of nostalgia, for the television of my youth, and also out of a need to find new and different ways to express theatre. ‘RoTV2’ is a spicy taco, extra salsa.”

For Kimpinski, she wants the audience to leave the show with the same sense of nostalgia that Haines speaks of. 

“It’s a fun look at what has influenced our lives — some of our directors are featuring some straight-up homages to certain shows whereas others are taking theirs in a different direction. Both approaches will result in recognizable, if slightly odd, television memories.”

“RoTV2” comes to the stage at The Guild, Feb. 8-10. Doors open at 7:30 p.m. with the show starting at 8 p.m. Tickets and can be purchased through The Guild. For more information, contact Grace Kimpinski at

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