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Patricia Moore’s art displayed in Ontario gallery

Artist Patricia Moore is dividing her time between her home and studio on P.E.I. and Ontario.

This past fall, Moore finished work on new paintings in her P.E.I. studio.

The collection, “Standing in the Waters of Memory” includes works from 2014-2017.

These are being exhibited at Gallery on the Bay in Hamilton, Ont. until March 11.

This will be the 23rd solo exhibition for Moore.  She had her first solo show at The Great George Street Gallery in Charlottetown in 1980.

“I remember well the artistic spirit of the time and the artists, Erica Rutherford, Hilda Woolnough, Brian Burke and Henry Purdy,” she says.

In writing about her new paintings, Moore recognizes the focus of her work.

“I was always interested in movement, ambivalence and jazz. There was a sense of abstracted landscape, an interest in landforms, lights and darks and compositional structure. But the latest paintings a new lightness has pushed through, enveloping and simplifying in its wake.”

The Gallery on the Bay is located at 231 Bay St. North. Moore’s website is

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