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KEELYWOOD: Popping the question, Hollywood-style

Love was alive because 2017 brought us a new couple, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. SUBMITTED PHOTO
Singer/actress Jennifer Lopez and former baseball star Alex Rodriguez recently announced their engagement.

Alex Rodriguez proposed to Jennifer Lopez with a rock a little bigger than anything you’d see in Atlantic Canada

Jennifer Lopez is an ageless, talented, effervescent human being who deserves the world. And I’m not just saying that because I spent all of 1999 in my bedroom, choreographing elaborate combinations to “Let’s Get Loud”.

As soon as J Lo started dating former baseball player-turned-business man A Rod, society did a collective satisfied sigh because, of course, they’d get together! Her abs plus his broad shoulders plus both of their bank accounts and public likeability? It just made sense.

After over two years of courtship, Alex Rodriguez proposed marriage to Jennifer with one of the most enormous rings I’ve ever seen. You could truly strap on a pair of hockey skates and have a game of shinny on there. Don’t believe me? The ring is estimated to be between 11 and 15 carats. That’s 11 to 15 CARATS, not carrots, which wouldn’t be that impressive and frankly wouldn’t fit in a ring box. Although in 2001, J Lo sang “Love Don’t Cost a Thing”, her engagement ring comes with an alleged price tag of $1 to 5 million. No need to be more specific, it’s not like any of us are running out to pick up a matching one.

J Lo joins a slew of celebrities who go gaga for emerald cut diamonds – Beyoncé, Amal Clooney, Eva Longoria and Ellen Pompeo all rock emerald cut engagement rings. Meanwhile, I’m just over here with a round diamond like the peasant I am. Flat out embarrassing.

Jennifer and Alex both announced the engagement on their Instagram accounts March 9. I saw it within the first four seconds of it being posted because while they were off getting engaged on a Saturday night, I was home watching “Love Island” and sharing a bag of Doritos with my dog. Ellen DeGeneres must have also been home watching “Love Island” as she was quick to comment, “Yes. I’ll be your maid of honor” on Jennifer’s post. Could this wedding get more star-studded?

Jennifer Lopez has been married three times, but if you’ve seen her in a wedding gown, then you’d understand she should be married 400 more times. Despite knowing neither J Lo nor A Rod personally - and judging solely on interviews and social media posts - I truly believe their marriage will last. It’s hard to judge my own marriage on that same rubric as we have been asked to do exactly zero interviews and my husband only shares photos of plants and guitars on his Instagram every 17 months or so.

Jennifer has two kids from her previous marriage to Marc Anthony (2004-2014), and Alex also has two kids from a previous marriage. This is about to be one of the most beautiful and successful blended families and we can only hope they will do a family performance to “I’m Real” at the wedding ceremony, followed by an encore performance of “Jenny From The Block”.

Keely Turner takes a look at pop culture through the eyes of a P.E.I. girl with a big city attitude. She lives in Toronto, working as a fitness trainer and writer, with her husband and beagle. You can find her on Instagram @KeelyMTurner.


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