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Hip Hop artist N8 Douce overcomes addiction to launch next phase of career

Newfoundland and Labrador hip hop artist N8 Douce (Nate Doucette) is preparing to release his first album “Resurrection” in the late Spring. — Synchronous Global
Newfoundland and Labrador hip hop artist N8 Douce (Nate Doucette) is preparing to release his first album “Resurrection” in the late Spring. — Synchronous Global - Contributed

It has been a long road in a short life for hip hop artist N8 Douce.

Born in St. John’s as Nate Doucette, he was drawn to music at an early age.

N8 began playing guitar at four, following in his musical father’s footsteps. This led to a love of music through his pre-teen and teen years. His musical taste was evolving throughout that time and then at 15, he discovered a new genre that grabbed him … hip hop.
“When I was 15, a friend showed me this artist — Jokez (Damon Field) — and I knew what I wanted to do,’’ Doucette said.

“I listened to his music and it inspired me. His sound was unreal and after I researched how he did it, making the music on a home studio in his mother’s bedroom was mind-blowing,’’ he said. The professional sound and the fullness of the recordings were second to none. Doucette was impressed.

Jokez died by suicide, something Doucette said affected him. While he was trying to fathom why, he began writing little raps and started to perform them. He was eventually signed to a record label in Ontario (Urecords).
“I don’t have a specific genre that I use, but I would say East Coast rap style is my main go-to. That includes artists like Classified,’’ he said.
“While I like a bunch of different artists, I am trying to develop my own sound, so I don’t sound like anyone else.’’

As a rapper, Doucette found and fell into addictions. That led to depression and anxiety.
“It all goes with it. Music has helped me cope with the addictions, and I have been five years sober, something I am proud of,’’ he said.

“I want to put a positive message out there with my music, and much of my work is based on the experiences I have.”
Doucette has a regular job when he is not making music. He is the proud father of a three-year-old son and has three step-children with his partner.
Doucette’s upcoming debut album, “Resurrection”, is set to be released in late spring.

He said there are 13 tracks ready and recorded for the release, and as the time draws closer, he thinks he will add two more, capping the total at 15.
The recordings are approximately 3 ½ minutes each, and the work began on those in September 2018. He plays multiple instruments and that helped.

“I play keyboards, so that served as a base for me to get the tracks started. Guitar came natural to me, so I use that, too, and my longest and best friend (Chris Collins of the band East Isle Wind) is a drummer, so he helped me with those beats as well,’’ he said.
N8 Douce has opened for artists that include Pitbull and a variety of big level shows at Mile One and bars and clubs across Canada. He said during his local performances, people were surprised to learn he was a home-grown talent.
N8 Douce and his crew will be at home and on the road later this spring and summer, opening for Peter Jackson at a show in March at The Rockhouse in St. John’s and on a three-week tour scheduled for July which will take him to Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto.

More about N8’s beats
N8 Douce (Nate Doucette) has launched a website and is ramping up his social media presence in advance of the release of his first studio album.

His Facebook fan page has more than doubled the number of followers and his audience continues to see substantial growth amongst key demographics

If you want to learn more, follow N8 Douce on Facebook at

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