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Filipina-Canadian releases sequel to first fantasy novel

This is a cover detail of a new book by Filipina-Canadian author Cindy Lapeña.
This is a cover detail of a new book by Filipina-Canadian author Cindy Lapeña. - Contributed

Filipina-Canadian author Cindy Lapeña has released “The Amulet of Fire”, the sequel to her first novel, “The Lost Amulets”.

The novel was released publicly recently at the first Island Entertainment Expo, and copies of both novels are available online through Amazon and Indigo online in both paperback and digital versions.

Lapeña currently resides in Charlottetown, where she is an art and teaching consultant, a practicing artist and writer, an instructor at Holland College and Seniors College, a tutor for the Learning Disabilities Association of P.E.I., and owner of Art ‘n’ Words Studio & Gallery. She is an active member in the artistic and literary community of P.E.I.

“The Amulet of Fire follows four teenagers who are drawn into the magical world of Dapit-adlaw, where mythological and supernatural beings live. With the Littlefolk and Otherfolk, they met during their first adventure, they continue their quest to find the third lost amulet, the amulet of fire.

The quest also becomes a quest for 15-year-old Joey to sort out his emotions after the death of his parents. As they search for the amulet of fire, they also discover treachery among the dwarf kings and a line is drawn between those who protect the amulets and those who covet the amulets.

“The Amulet of Fire” is the second book in her growing trilogy, “The Amulets of Panagaea”.

Lapeña is a past-winner of the prestigious Carlos Palanca National Awards for Literature in the Philippines. She received the third place award for a full-length play in English in 2007, her first entry to the annual awards. She is also the author of the reference series 101 Fun Games, Activities and Projects for English Classes, which draws on her extensive experience as an English teacher and training consultant in the Philippines.

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