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Do Curfews Keep Teens out of Trouble?; Murphy


I believe curfews reduce the risk of teens getting into trouble. Recently I had to complete a law project involving criminal cases. I noticed that often teenagers in these cases were committing crimes late at night or early morning such as 1 or 2 am. Are the parents at home worrying about them or is it they do not give their teens a curfew which could "help" keep them out of trouble?

Teens having curfews is a good idea but at the same time, an unreasonable curfew can lead kids to believe their parents do not trust them and they may even try to sneak out of the house. In this case, parents don't know where their teens are, when they'll be home, who they are with or if they are in trouble.

Setting a curfew can be good but instead of the curfew being set at exactly 11 pm, it would be better to set a curfew between 10:30 – 11:00 pm especially if the teen is driving. This gives them some lenient time to get home so they do not risk getting a speeding ticket or worse, into an accident. We know that we teens sometimes wait until the last minute to leave to go home. Teens may require a little extra time if roads conditions are bad, need to drive others home, or stop for gas so the car is not empty for our parents the next morning, etc. There are many reasons for delays.

Most teens have cell phones today, and if a teen is going to be late, they should call their parents and inform them instead of rushing. This is just common courtesy and shows respect. Even parents call each other or their teen if they are going to be late picking them up or getting home. If a teen does call to say they are running late, the parent should not over react or become too angry or next time your teen might try to rush home and might not ever make it home. How would you feel then?

As a teenager, I do not want to guess what my parent's expectations are regarding what time I should be home. It is much easier just to ask them. Sometimes there are special events or activities which require a later curfew. I agree with curfews because it teaching you responsibility and time management. However, as I live in the country and will likely drive myself to many events, I prefer to discuss what time my parents expect me to be home rather than guess. Also, I do not believe in exact curfews all the time because there will be occasions that warrant exceptions.


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