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DIANA LARIVIERE: Looking ahead to the summer solstice

Dew on spring flowers is pretty. Is dew on your face good for your complexion? -  yannikap
Dew on spring flowers is pretty. - yannikap - 123RF Stock Photo

From 2014 to 2018, columnist has enjoyed the ride

ARGYLE SHORE, P.E.I. – The month of June is only a few days away and, with it, the promise of beautiful flowers, fresh garden vegetables and the guarantee of more hours of daylight.

For many, the best part of June is the summer solstice – a celebration that dates back thousands of years. There are those who surmise that mystical places, such as Stonehenge, were built specifically because of the summer solstice. On that day, for example, the sun projects directly over the Heel Stone at Stonehenge and shines directly on the Altar Stone. The ancients are thought to have perceived this as a sign from the gods after some major disaster had occurred.

However, scientists are of the view that this tilt of the earth causing this unusual projection from the sun was actually the result of a collision of the earth with some type of object that tilted the earth and threw it into the orbit around the sun. Personally, I find the mythical interpretation far more fascinating.

Other happenings along the South Shore:

Monthly ceilidh concerts at the Bonshaw Hall continue on the last Sunday of every month, and this month is no exception. The many talented performers who turn up for each concert donate their time to support a different cause each month. Admission by donation, so be generous. The next ceilidh is May 27, 2-4 p.m., with proceeds to the P.E.I. ​chapter of the Canadian ​​Hard of Hearing Association.

The June concert will be held on June 24, 7-9 p.m., with proceeds to​ ​the ​P.E.I. chapter for Crohn's and Colitis​. For information, check out Facebook or call 902-675-4093.

The South Shore Watershed Association recently held its AGM in Crapaud, and the results of the 2018 Photo Contest were announced – including the People’s Choice Grand Prize Winner. A full list of the winners in each category is posted at

Remember that, no matter where you live in P.E.I. (municipality or not), the P.E.I. Dog Act and its regulations require that a license be purchased for each of your dogs. Special licenses are required for kennels/breeders. The deadline is June1 each year. For information, contact the P.E.I. Humane Society at

Canoe Cove’s annual perennial sale is on June 2, 9 a.m. to noon, at Inman Park (the beach). All donations are welcome. Drop off items at the park by 6 p.m. on Friday.

Walk-in clinics continue at the South Shore Pharmacy in Crapaud. Dates and times vary. For information, call 902-658-2212.

The P.E.I. Mutual Festival of Small Halls is back for another vibrant year, June 8-24, with an amazing array of entertainment in small halls throughout the South Shore and around the province. For information, go to

On June 9, enjoy a house concert at 5899 Route 19, Rice Point, with entertainment by The Young Novelists – an up-and-coming Canadian folk root band. The show starts at 7 p.m.; door opens at 6 p.m. For information, call 902-314-3983.

P.E.I. Provincial Parks open this month – both camping options and others as day-parks. What a great way to relax! Check out Hopefully, our parks will remain open right through to Thanksgiving weekend to support the “shoulder season”.

Summer also means that there are lots of skittish horses and other animals roaming the side roads, so it’s time to slow down to avoid a disaster.

With this edition, I must say “adieu”. With so much information available on social media, it has become difficult to find new events to report; so, it is time to move on. My thanks to each of you for following “Rural Tidings” over the past four years. Wishing everyone a safe and happy summer.

Diana Lariviere of Argyle Shore is a freelance writer and P.E.I. marriage commissioner. Her column for The Guardian has appeared in the newspaper on the last Saturday of each month.

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