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ANN MARIE YORKE: Virus can’t hold spring back

['Ann Marie Yorke']
Ann Marie Yorke

COVID-19 may be bringing a halt to many of the activities in Nova Scotia, but it cannot hold back nature.

As I look out of my living room window, I see an eagle circling over the lake. Spring-like temperatures have opened a nice fishing spot for the resident eagle to fish for his morning meal, although with the restrictions in place about delaying the fishing season in the area, he may be the only fisherman we see for a while.

Although we have had a heavier snowfall than usual over the winter, our yard is now showing signs that spring is quickly approaching as bare sections are appearing more and more each day.

A welcome sight and another sign that spring is finally here — the robin. Yes, this week we have seen the return of our fine feathered friends. These snowbirds are the only visitors from the south that are able to wonder about without the worry of self-isolation due to the virus.

If you are looking for great entertainment to pass the time, you can always check out the sites on Facebook where many of the entertainers are posting music segments for our enjoyment.

If you are wondering about events that were scheduled to take place in Richmond County and are not sure if they are still going to take place, you can get current information at

Until next week, stay safe.

Ann Marie Yorke has worked closely with the Richmond County tourism industry and has been a tourism information officer in St. Peter’s for 15 years. She looks forward to your comments at


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