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STAGE HAND: Decor changes are coming. Are you ready?

Moving into December, what do you need to transform your space and ease the demands on your time? - Paula Huntley

Here we are already into the month of November and changes are happening quickly. Outside has taken on a new look with fallen leaves and colder temperatures mean we see things like heavier sweaters and boots being pulled from our closets.

And once that happens we are in the mood for a fresh start. Outside, transformations are evident, but what about inside changes?

We all know too well that in the next month there will be many demands on us (yes, we do that to ourselves).

Planning for what is needed is possibly one of my favourite things to do. Yes, I have my challenges with it just like everyone, and because of my schedule there is not much wiggle room, so doing research at 5 a.m. is not a strange thing for me. But what about you?

Moving into December, what do you need to transform your space and ease the demands on your time? Do you have family or friends visiting from away for the holidays? Is there a new addition coming to the family you are making changes for? Has the dining room been used as an office for so long or the spare bedroom for storage that you don’t know where to begin?

Lots to get you thinking, but it is all doable — but only with a well laid out plan.

So here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Make a list of your needs and then take a picture of the space. Look at the space from outside the box.
  • Who will you need for help and if so, when? Or if this is a do-it-yourself kind of project, when will it be scheduled? This includes the buying aspect as well.
  • Decide on what important pieces are needed and remember, it should be an investment piece you work from and the smaller pieces can be the accent.
  • Time lines and budget: if you think they are not important the project will probably never be finished because without these, things can get derailed quickly.
  • What colours will you choose now to really make it your own?
  • Do you need to call in a re-designer to help? Sometimes sitting for an hour with a person not attached to the space can give you a whole new perspective.

Remember any changes, big or small, with decorating or renovating can take a lot out of you, but if you start now the stress can be minimal and you will be ready for the next big event that comes your way.

Paula Huntley is a home stager and redesigner with Smart Staging Solutions. She’s based in Kentville.

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