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So, I can have a smart home. Now what?

Technology has come so far these days that from work you can turn on your lights at home, or adjust the temperature of your house.
Technology has come so far these days that from work you can turn on your lights at home, or adjust the temperature of your house. - 123RF Stock Photo

You’re about to leave work after a long, busy day. While it may be the last thing from your mind, you’ve left all of the house lights off and you won’t be able to see a single thing when you get home to darkness. What’s more, you didn’t have your thermostat set high enough when you left this morning because after all, this cold winter day has only become more frigid. But what if there was a solution for this? A smart solution?

Howdy homebodies! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas/winter break and is recovering from the various foods eaten and beverages had. Now, if you’re among those who were gifted a digital assistant like a Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or regularly use Siri, this may be of interest. If you’re like me and only just discovered how to use the Google Assistant in my phone, this also might be of interest because we’re talking about smart homes and devices to make you’re life smarter and maybe easier.

How nifty is it that technology has come so far these days that from work you can turn on your lights at home, or adjust the temperature of your house? But what exactly are some of the things you could use your assistant for? Well after some scouring of the internet, I found a blog about smart homes that was a big help.

First, you’ll need a digital assistant. This can be a Google, Amazon or Apple version. All are compatible with different smart tools and brands. Amazon is leading the way it seems when it comes to operating smart speakers with the Alexa assistant, while Google has some accuracy points and Apple is humble and reliable one.

With an assistant you can operate smart speakers. Imagine waking up and going, “Hey Alexa, play the wake-up mix” or something to that effect. Boom, you’re energized for the day! Play your favourite music all by using the service of a voice assistant.

Now, if you’re going to take your smart home to new heights, integrating the various options will be key (according to what I’ve read). This may require a smart hub. These have the purpose of making sure everything is communicating properly.

With energy efficiency on a lot of minds today, smart technology can be a help for those looking to improve in this department and even may save them more than a few dimes. Smart lights come in various forms from the ones that are plug and go to others that allow you to dim your lights, change the hue and sometimes other aspects. On top of that, there are the smart thermostat options. With the same intention as other smart technology change the temperature of a room remotely from your phone, set a heating schedule where peak energy times are and set your thermostat higher in the time of day when you need and lower when it’s not of use.

Other smart home options can include smart locks – enter a passcode and your entry is either allowed or denied – smart garage openers, smart security cameras and even smart blinds.

Speaking of smart blinds … does anyone else wish they lived like Kate Winslet’s character in the movie The Holiday, where, after hearing from her dirtbag coworker, she hits the button and closes the blinds from the incredible comfort of the bed? There must be a smart blind for that …

Any way homebodies, that’s all for now!

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