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Yoga series continues this weekend with two classes in Charlottetown

“Breath: Life’s Secret Ingredient” and “Seeking Better Balance" will be led this weekend by Yoga Ink’s, Ruth Richman at Health Within Holistic Centre in Charlottetown.
“Breath: Life’s Secret Ingredient” and “Seeking Better Balance

CHARLOTTETOWN, P.E.I. - Yoga workshops are set for Feb. 2-3 in Charlottetown.

“Breath: Life’s Secret Ingredient” and “Seeking Better Balance, both use the kundalini yoga tradition and are led by Yoga Ink’s, Ruth Richman. They will be held at Health Within Holistic Centre, 500 B Queen St., Charlottetown.

“Breath: Life’s Secret Ingredient” is Feb. 2, 6:30-8:30 p.m., open to everyone with no previous experience is needed. The workshop will introduce several basic and some more complex breathing techniques.

“Seeking Better Balance” is Feb. 3, 9 a.m. to noon.

“The title might bring to mind standing on one leg with the other one behind your head, but there are many ways to look at the idea of balance, and the workshop explores several,” says Richman.

“Living a life of balance in this topsy-turvy world takes more than a strong leg and heart.” The workshop will include seven steps to better balance to be used while on the yoga mat and perhaps more importantly, off the yoga mat in your day-to-day life. Using meditation, some physical action, the wall, chairs, and other props, the techniques are simple and the postures introduced can be tried and attained by everyone.

Pre-registration is suggested as there is a maximum number the rooms will hold. Email Richman at or call her at 902-969-3102. The workshops are part of a series of six workshops on yoga and related topics held in January and February. For complete information about the series, go to

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