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TRACEY EVISON: Lauren Daigle’s ‘Look Up Child’ is a beautiful album

['Tracey Evison reviews TobyMac’s “Hits Deep Live” and Phillips, Craig and Dean’s “Hymns and Psalms” in her most recent column.']
['Tracey Evison reviews TobyMac’s “Hits Deep Live” and Phillips, Craig and Dean’s “Hymns and Psalms” in her most recent column.']

Lauren Daigle is well-known for her powerful voice, comparable to any of the great divas of our age.

A with her latest project, “Look Up Child”, listeners will be treated to several exemplary performances from this talented songstress.

Released from Centricity Records and produced by Jason Ingram, Paul Mabury and executive producer John Mays, “Look Up Child” is definitely an exceptional project.

About the album, Daigle writes: “The studio has become my companion as I have poured all that I can into what is now a body of work I deeply treasure. From soaring melodies to reggae jive, from sweeping orchestral ballads to back beat vibe, “Look Up Child” has transcribed the pulse of my veins to musical form. I cannot be more excited for you to hear it….”The Look Up Child Tour” will be surrounded by the spirit of joy and reflection, taking in the sounds of those gone before us while lavishing in the new zeal of today.”

Daigle also welcomes some well-known songwriters on this project: Ingram; Mabury and Paul Duncan, primarily. Chris Tomlin and Ed Cash also add their writing talents to “Look Up Child”, which definitely covers several genres, and has a distinct retro feel.

The album opens with “Still Rolling Stones,” comparing the power of the resurrection to the way Christ raises us up to new life. “Under Your Wings” has a rhythmic reggae underscoring Daigle’s affirmation that “I’m under Your wings...I’m safe”. “Look Up Child” has a reggae influence as well and tells listeners that God is in control. “When I can’t figure it out...I hear You say, Look up child.”

Daigle is a capable singer in any genre, but she absolutely excels in the slower numbers. A laid-back tempo allows her to fill every note with the power and strength that flows from her voice. “Everything” is a gentle, yet powerful, song of praise. “Even the sparrow has a place to lay its head/ So why would I let worry steal my breath….You give me everything I need.”

The first single from the album, “You Say,” is a power ballad that reminds the listeners “You say I am loved/ when I can’t feel a thing/ You say I am strong/ When I think I am weak….You say I am Yours/ And I believe what You say of me”.

“Remember” is another enchanting ballad that reminds us to remember and reflect on the goodness of God. “Rebel Heart” is a prayer of submission.

The album ends with “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus,” a sweet cover of the traditional song.

All in all, I have to say that Lauren Daigle’s “Look Up Child” is a beautiful album from an extremely talented artist. New listeners and fans alike will enjoy this latest effort.

Tracey Evison, a musician and educator on P.E.I., writes this column for The Guardian every second Saturday. She can be contacted by email at

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