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TEEN SCENE: How youth express themselves

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Literature, music and painting are some ways youth showcase their artistic side

Ellen Robbins is a grade 11 student at Charlottetown Rural High School who is completing a co-op placement with The Guardian.
Ellen Robbins is a grade 11 student at Charlottetown Rural High School who is completing a co-op placement with The Guardian.

The way to express one’s true self or feelings has always been through the various forms of art.

Popular options seem to be painting, drawing, photography, dance, literature, film and music.

Art gives people the freedom to let loose whatever is going on in their minds to create something others can interpret and relate to their own personal experiences.

To let your thoughts out in an expressive way can be more therapeutic than just talking about them to someone.

It may also allow someone to do so without feeling as exposed or vulnerable for sharing how they’re feeling, since art can be taken in from different angles of viewing.

Painting and drawing can allow a person to display their mind in an abstract or figurative way.

Using colours and details to voice their mind onto a single piece of paper or canvas.

Coming from a personal point of view, I find painting the most healing hobby to take up.

It allows me to create pieces of art that detail every aspect of my mind I want to share in an original and vivid way.

Photography can capture breathtaking images of moments and beautiful scenes. Then continuing to edit them sets the tone of mood within the artist.

Film uses movements and sound to bring together a string of scenes to let the viewer take in the cinematic creation that a person put together to express their own personal aesthetic.

Adding music over the film helps to set the tone of it even more, since it provides character.

If you record your own music, making a music video to go along with it can give your listeners a sense of who you are and see for themselves how you set the feeling for your music.

Another way people tend to express their being is through the art of dance. Using graceful body movements to the beat of a song to reflect on their emotions and headspace.

Everyone is able to relate different songs to their own lives.

The same song can have a different meaning to one person as it may have to another.

It all depends on your own personal experiences, and what better way to express these experiences through the reenactment using the art of dance?

Literature is a way to escape the average everyday world and be transported into an entirely different state of mind.

Now imagine having the power to control this state to put others in. That’s how it feels to be a writer.

Using the power of words to string together a perfectly thought out reading experience for the viewer.

Possibly even constructing these stories from your own life and involvement in the world.

If you’re feeling a heavy sense of emotions writing the down can help to release the tension of holding them in, even just on a single sheet of paper.

Of course, there are a variety of writing styles to choose from.

There’s poetry, short stories, songwriting if you want to involve music, and more.

It’s been said before that, “Art is in the eye of the beholder.” This statement couldn’t be truer.

Everyone experiences the things happening around them in a different way. It can affect them differently than it can affect you, even if you experienced the same thing.

This goes towards expressing yourself, too.

Everyone has a different visual esthetic and everyone expresses themselves differently and it’s better that way.

Life would be pretty boring if everyone was the same.

Ellen Robbins is a Grade 11 students at Charlottetown Rural High School who is completing a co-op placement with The Guardian.

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