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Summerside’s Danielle Glover is walking the fashion runways around the world

Glover participated in a series of test shoots with photographer Nando Ezpereza while in Los Angeles. DANIELLE GLOVER/SUBMITTED PHOTO
Glover participated in a series of test shoots with photographer Nando Ezpereza while in Los Angeles. DANIELLE GLOVER/SUBMITTED PHOTO - The Guardian

Danielle Glover has learned a lot about herself, modelling and the industry since starting her career as Dylan G., about four years ago. 

“When I first started working in Toronto, I never in a million years thought I’d be here,” she said in a telephone interview with the Journal Pioneer just days after walking in a Rachel Zoe fashion show in Los Angeles.

Glover, originally from the Summerside area, graduated from Three Oaks Senior High in 2014. Soon after she signed with Elite Toronto, an agency in Ontario. She has modeled in Milan, Istanbul, London, New York and Japan. 

“Working in Milan was incredible. It was my first insight into the world of modelling,” said Glover. “After that I went to Istanbul after signing with a New York agency. I appeared in Vogue Turkey and L’Officiel. I loved it.”

However, while she was in Istanbul, it was around the same time the United States Embassy in Turkey had been bombed in a terrorist attack, so Glover and the other models there had to follow strict rules. 

“We didn’t feel like we were in danger, but we were certainly scared. Everyone’s parents were calling to find out if we were OK. We were told not to go into any touristy areas and to just go to work and then go home.”

Glover then worked in London for 45 days before going home for Christmas. 

She spent two months in New York, and then travelled to Japan for two months. 

“I was part of a large campaign for a big company there which was really cool. It gave me a lot of experience.”

After Japan, Glover returned to P.E.I. taking a short break from modelling. 

“I first came to L.A. in January 2017. I was only planning to be there for three months, but I stayed an extra month after my boyfriend decided to take online university courses and spend the month in L.A.”

Glover says long distance is hard on relationships, but she doesn’t think she’ll be able to go on this journey with anyone else. 

“It’s really hard, there are a lot of ups and downs. But at the end of the day, I’ve met so many people, but none of them are as special as him. Keeping that in mind is easy.”

Now back in Los Angeles, Glover is looking to define her image and sign with a new agency. 

“It’s really difficult, but I’m trying to stay positive and find a new mother agency that is the best fit for what I want. My goal is trying to get to New York and live there long-term.”

Her most recent appearance in the Rachel Zoe show was an installation of New York Fashion Week that was based in Los Angeles. 

“That was really cool. I loved doing that. When I optioned for the show I was one of the only girls who had naturally curly hair, and the theme of her show was 1970s and 1980s inspired, so she really played up my natural texture.”

Glover’s worked with MAC cosmetics, where she was flown to Florida to shoot make-up tutorials as well as Vogue for a fashion show before Christmas. 

“Walking for Vogue was incredible I actually walked in front of Anna Wintour (the editor-in-chief of Vogue). I was a little star struck. She’s so fabulous, just being in front of her and put together by her team was really great.”

As her career continues, Glover says she’s thankful she’s never had a #metoo moment. 

“I’m very fortunate in the sense that I’ve never been put in those situations.”

Glover says the industry is changing, in regard to harassment, body image and size inclusivity. 

“I think the industry is becoming more open about discussing (harassment). 

“The same can be said with body image. It’s changing. Not everyone has the same body type and some designers are recognizing that. There are more people of different sizes and shapes modelling now and that’s great. But there is still a ways to go.”

Glover says the last four years have allowed her to grow as a human being. 

I’ve gained a lot of knowledge about people, about respecting others, and myself. Ultimately, everything you do should be done with love and positivity.” 

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