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STERLING STRATTON: If buildings could talk...

William Farquharson House - 156 Bunbury Road - Built 1830.
William Farquharson House - 156 Bunbury Road - Built 1830.

William Farquharson House - 156 Bunbury Road - Built 1830

By Sterling Stratton


Excerpt From “Town Of Stratford - Heritage Properties”

Exploring Historic Sites On Prince Edward Island (Main Sources: Charlottetown Database and PEI Historic Places)

Family From Scotland - The Farquharson family originated in Banffshire in the north of Scotland. William Farquharson emigrated to the Island, settling first at St. Andrews. In 1810, he moved the family to Bunbury.

Construction Notes - At the beginning the, Farquharson family lived in a log cabin; it was replaced by the current dwelling in 1830. The house plan included a symmetrical facade with a central entrance door and with a transom above. The house is valued for its Maritime Vernacular style elements.

Architectural Design - Interesting features include the fact that the building is a one-and-a-half storey wood frame building with shingle cladding, gable roof, central gable dormer with eave returns and a brick chimney. More modern, recent extensions are located at the back of the building.

Consistent Ownership - Several windows have been replaced over the years which changed, to some degree, the structure’s early appearance. At this site, the family operated a successful dairy farm. In 2016, the property still remains in the Farquharson family.

History Note - Finding a name for the town. As reported in 1855, there was a difference of opinion about what was to be the town’s name. The founder of the town suggested the title “Stratford”; those who intended to be the oldest inhabitants designated it “Southport”. “Southport” won ... (but not forever).

Sign Of The Times - 1829 - On April 12, Michael White, 14, was flogged for stealing hams from a Charlottetown house and raisins from a store. Four months later, his 8-year-old brother was sent to jail for stealing a gunlock (mechanism on a firearm).


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