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P.E.I. GIFted Genre Writing Group launches book Aug. 18

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GIFt Horse is a short story anthology from the Island’s wackiest writers, put together by the P.E.I. GIFted Genre Writing Group.

The group will celebrate the launch of “GIFt Horse: Short tales of big adventures” on Aug. 18 from 4-6 p.m. at Bar1911, 113 Longworth Ave., Charlottetown.It’s a support group of sorts for emerging Island writers developing their talents in styles outside the mainstream.

Books are available at the launch, on and Kindle, local comic book stores, and coming soon to local bookstores. For updates, like GIFtHorse on Facebook at

The group is a resource for up and coming P.E.I. writers.

“We like to call it a support group because none of us are writing experts and we come from all levels of experience and backgrounds,” said member Matthew Sherman.

He’s an aspiring film producer who sometimes needs a push to get his ideas fleshed out and down on paper.

“The group has helped with some structure, not-so gentle nagging, encouragement and coaching.”

Eight different P.E.I. are featured in the anthology; contributing stories from genres ranging from sci-fi to fable to fantasy and even a play. The idea for the group, and the resulting book, came from the realization that even though writers may be exploring different genres, anyone writing outside the mainstream generally has a good understanding of other off-beat genres and is happy to share tips with others.

“Really we’re all a big bunch of geeks,” says co-editor Chris Wilson.

“Chances are if you like sci-fi, you also like fantasy novels and action movies, so it’s like a shorthand.

“It’s easier to break down a plot of a movie we’re all really familiar with, so when we dig into the plot structure of Star Wars, it’s easier to understand the storytelling techniques and apply that inspiration to improve our own stories.”

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