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FAITH: Health issues in Steffen Hood’s family led him back to the church

Steffen Hood is an office administrator with the Salvation Army in Charlottetown, where he also conducts prayer services. Submitted
Steffen Hood is an office administrator with the Salvation Army in Charlottetown, where he also conducts prayer services. Submitted - Contributed

Steffen Hood turned a breakdown in the health of close family members into a breakthrough in faith.

Around 2006, some of Hood’s family members were overcome with many health challenges: cancer, brain tumours and other ailments, all of which Hood found overwhelming. It seemed that sickness came all at once to this tightly-knit Stratford family. He began to wonder if God was testing him. Why are these good people faced with health challenges?

This sent Hood on a spiritual journey that led him to attend Salvation Army services on a more regular basis, and then he learned to let go and let God handle any pain encountered in his life.

“My faith comes from seeing the majesty of God's creation, the design and purpose which is exhibited in everyday life,” he said. “My faith is reinforced…renewed by seeing God work in not only my life over the years, but in the lives of the people we serve at the Salvation Army.”

An office administrator with the Salvation Army in Charlottetown and a Charlottetown Area Christian Council member, Hood says church attendance was not a regular family outing when he was growing up. But he felt a high degree of spirituality permeating the walls of his caring Stratford home, where his mother taught him God helps those who help themselves.

Hood’s journey trying to find himself gave him a well-rounded college education coupled with close to 18 years in retail where he learned the art of good customer service and strong business acumen.

While these years were enjoyable and taught him how to succeed, he still felt a void in his life. This feeling of something missing intensified and brought back soothing memories of going to the Salvation Army Charlottetown church on special occasions with his grandfather.

Today, his goal is for him and his wife, Nancy, with whom he has a 13-week-old son, Levi, to become ordained Salvation Army officers. Besides serving as office manager at the church, Hood enjoys conducting and arranging prayer services and “whatever God calls me to do”.

“It’s a privilege to be able to use my faith and gifts to the glory of God,” he said.

Besides serving the church, Hood enjoys Rotary, food bank intake, nursing home visits, hospital visits and serving as treasurer of the Charlottetown Area Christian Council.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Charlottetown Area Christian Council (CACC) is composed of Clergy and laypeople from a variety of Christian churches and array of backgrounds. Through Focus on Faith interviews, they will spotlight local people to discover how they found the spirit of God and how they manifest their faith in their community. For more information, call Bill Campbell at 902-626-8667

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