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Education Award 2018 to focus on collaboration in P.E.I. schools

School hallway with student lockers.
School hallway with student lockers. - The Guardian

Collaboration will be key for the P.E.I. school that wins the $2,500 Education Award for 2018.

Education 20/20, a charitable organization devoted to improving Islanders’ quality of education, makes the award available to all of the province’s schools each year.

This year’s theme is intended to encourage teachers to work together to improve their students’ education.

The purpose of the award varies from year to year. The first two recognized engagement, the third recognized the application of technology throughout a school and the most recent  one recognized the wonders of mathematics, a program to demystify mathematics.

Collaboration may occur within a school when two teachers work together, between schools or a school and a college or university, or even between a school and an individual or agency.

Detailed information on the 2018 Education Award is available at www.education2020/ca.

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