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CHRISTMAS GREETINGS: Montague Consolidated school

Matthew MacLean
Matthew MacLean

Christmas Magic, a collection of stories and artwork from students across Prince Edward Island, will be published in The Guardian throughout the holiday season. The first in the collection appeared in the Christmas Greetings edition inserted into the Dec. 20 edition of The Guardian.

Christmas for the wolves
Once upon a time it was Christmas Eve and the animals in the forest were ready to go to sleep, but the wolves were out and they were ready to go hunting for rabbits. Little did the wolves know that all the rabbits were asleep in their burrows. The wolves looked and looked but found no rabbits! They needed food for their Christmas dinner! Feeling very sad and hungry they gave up.
On Christmas Day, the wolves awoke in their dens and opened their gifts. They were all delighted when Mother wolf opened her gift … a plump cooked turkey! They all shared turkey for dinner and had a wonderful Christmas Day! So did the rabbits!    
Adrianna Patton,
Grade 5
Montague Consolidated School

Teagan Livingstone
Teagan Livingstone

A pups Christmas
Once upon a time there lived a fox family. There were two sisters, Holly and Winter. The pups were out hunting for the season because the snow was coming very soon. “Winter, are we lost?” “I think so Holly, we better start sniffing!”. “Look there it is Winter, our home!” The girls walked inside their cave and greeted their parents. “Hi Mom, hi Dad.” “Hi girls, come in and sit by the fire and I’ll make you some snacks.”
A few minutes later it was time for bed. “Mom, can we sleep by the fire?” “Yes girls, as long as you are careful!” “Okay, goodnight Mom.” “Good night girls,” said Mom.
The next morning Holly woke up and looked out the window. “Look Winter, it’s snowing!” “Really! Let’s go play outside.” So Holly and Winter went outside to play. They rolled around in the snow, did flips, play fighting and then went back inside their cave to have dinner. After dinner, Holly and Winter set out a plate of rabbit and fish for Santa Paws. It was now time for bed. The girls snuggled up close and fell asleep.
The next morning it was Christmas! Winter woke up and said to Holly, “Wake up Holly its Christmas!”
They looked under the Christmas tree and saw lots of presents and a letter from Santa Paws. They read the letter and it said,
Dear Holly and Winter,
You were very good this year, you two have been getting along very well.
From Santa Paws.
They went to their parent’s room and said, “Mom, Dad time to wake up its Christmas!’’ “Okay girls, let’s go open some presents!” So they opened all of their presents and Holly said, “This is what happens when we’re really good pups!”  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Sofya Gregory
Grade 5
Montague Consolidated School

Jamie Reid
Jamie Reid

A letter to Santa
Dear Santa,
Do you know who would like to be named the provincial animal? I Do!
Can you guess who I am?
I am a wild animal, indigenous to Prince Edward Island. As a hunter, I have adapted to both city and country life. My colour may vary, but I am most commonly red! I have played an important role in P.E.I. history!        
If you guessed a red fox you are correct! I will speak for the red foxes of P.E.I. and say “The red fox should be named the provincial animal!”
Let me tell you Santa, why the red fox should be named the provincial animal.
My family and relatives live throughout Prince Edward Island.We “cover the Island like the dew!”  We have dens in the city, in towns and in the countryside. Have you seen a red fox lately? Most people on our Island can say they have seen a red fox or have heard stories about a red fox!
Another reason why the red fox should be named a provincial animal is because Prince Edward Island doesn’t have one! Other provinces in Canada have selected animals such as deer,moose, bears,dogs and sheep. A fox is a graceful,intelligent, friendly and fun loving animal! Tourists enjoy seeing us and we are extremely photogenic! If the red fox became a provincial animal more people might like to come see us. Perhaps humans could learn more about us!
One last reason is that the red fox has helped make Prince Edward Island well known through the once famous fox fur industry. Foxes are used on our provincial coat of arms, which adds to our importance to Prince Edward Island!
So as you can see Santa.. the red fox is a good choice for provincial animal because we don’t have a provincial animal yet! The red fox can be seen throughout P.E.I. and has already played a role in our history! To know and understand us will help us live as better neighbours with our human friends!
Can you help make our hope to be named a provincial animal come true? We are trying to be good and do believe wishes can come true!
Your friend,
The Red Fox
(Edwena Arbuckle’s Grade 5 class)

Hailey McCarthy
Hailey McCarthy


Erin Vanden Heuvel
Erin Vanden Heuvel


Blake MacKenzie
Blake MacKenzieAdrianna Patton
Adrianna Patton


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