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Summerside's Seafood Supreme nets $1.5 million in federal funding

Thousands of kilograms of lobsters leave Halifax Stanfield International Airport daily, that number is only expected to rise over the coming years.
Seafood Supreme in Summerside will receive $1.5 million in federal funding to help its production of new seafood products for export. - SaltWire file photo

Summerside's Seafood Supreme has landed $1.5 million in federal funding to help its production of new seafood products for export.

The money is reportedly to help pay for new specialized equipment, though in its announcement statement, ACOA did not elaborate further.

Gabriel Elbaz, president of Summerside Seafood Supreme, said the funding will help secure the business' future.

"I am highly appreciative for the assistance of the Government of Canada in assisting our innovative products now being manufactured in Summerside, and this will ensure that our year-round operations of the last 22 years will continue to expand and allow our company to establish new markets meeting modern consumers needs in North America and around the world.”

Egmont MP Bobby Morrissey made the announcement Tuesday. The funding is coming from the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency's (ACOA) Business Development Program. Morrissey praised the company for its leadership in the industry and its willingness to innovate.

"The owner truly believes in the quality of our products and understands the value that Prince Edward Island’s shellfish growers and fishers bring to our communities. I am pleased to see our government’s continued support for new product development in the seafood sector, so that Prince Edward Island’s seafood is served on more tables around the world.”


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